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Storage Tank Construction and Repair

Outweld Industries Inc. is a storage tank repair company that specializes in storage tank construction through. Shop fabrication, New storage tank construction, Technical service, Tank repairs, Tank maintenance, Floating roof seal systems

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We strive to continuously excel in customer service, work quality, and safety performance. Our reputation is maintained by consistently delivering results. Outweld Industries specializes in tank storage construction.

We build cone roof and internal and external floating roof tanks. The typical tank size can range from five m in diameter to 100 m in diameter and be 20+ m tall. We can build anything from a one-off tank fabrication to terminals with ten or more tanks.

Our expertise that allows us to execute all types of storage tank construction projects includes:

• Engineering
• Safety
• Quality
• Field Supervision
• Technical Service

Outweld Industries has engineers who are experienced in the storage tank industry. We are industry experts who can quickly solve tank problems and provide quick and accurate schedule and budget information for your project.

Outweld Industries repairs range from simple bottom patches to cut-down, re-erect projects. We meet or exceed the codes that apply to our industry. Customers benefit with long-term, reliable use of the tank. No job is too small or too large. Every project receives the same attention to detail.


Tank Bottom Repairs Include:

  • Cathodic protection systems
  • Double bottoms
  • Lap patching
  • Leak detection systems
  • Low suction systems
  • Partial or complete replacement

Tank Shell Repairs

  • Insert and lap patching
  • Additions, modifications, and repairs to nozzles, man ways, etc.
  • Partial or complete ring replacement
  • Wind girder repair or replacement

Project Management

New tank and repair projects include:

  • Site preparation work
  • Cathodic protections
  • Foundation
  • Internal and external coating
  • Insulation
  • Lead coating abatement
  • Leak detection
  • Strapping

Cone Roofs

  • Lap patching
  • Additions, modifications, repairs of nozzles, man ways, etc.
  • Partial or complete replacement
  • Support structure repair or replacement
  • Floating Roof
  • Lap patching
  • Additions, modifications, and repairs of nozzles, man ways, etc.
  • Partial or complete internal or external floating roofs
  • Retrofitting internal and external floating roofs

Other Tank Additions, Modifications, and Repairs

  • Complete tank cut-down and re-erect
  • Firefighting systems
  • Floating roof emission controls such as gauge poles sleeves and covers, leg socks
  • Geodesic dome installations
  • Inlet diffusers
  • Primary floating roof seal systems
  • Rolling ladders having self-levelling treads
  • Secondary floating roof seal systems
  • Handrails, platforms, and stairways
  • Tank foundations
  • Tank jacking and levelling


In our fabrication shop, we make custom tank parts that range from complete floating roofs to nozzles. Our quality fabrications provide customers with exactly what they order.

We strive to continuously make improvement in our design and continually evaluate new designs and material. Whether a customer needs an on-site repair, a shop-fabricated unit, a new field-erected tank, or an entire tank farm, our field service and fabrication team will provide all the needed construction services.

The team is experienced, exceptionally trained, and safety conscious. They excel in all mechanical and structural disciplines that surround storage tank construction. The team possesses the latest technology and knowledge needed to be successful and efficient.